Before you receive your permanent crown/bridge, you will first receive a temporary restoration.  This is not a sturdy as the permanent veneer, so you should be careful when cleaning and eating.  You should brush the area gently and should not pull up on the tooth when flossing because it could become dislodged.  The same goes for eating.  You should avoid sticky or chewy foods while you have the temporary restoration in. 

There may be some sensitivity  and irritation after the temporary or permanent is placed.  This is normal and will subside after the soft tissue heals.  A warm salt water rinse will help, and you can also take Advil or Tylenol if the pain does not subside. 

When the permanent crown or bridge is placed, it may feel a little awkward for a few days.  Your mouth needs to adjust to the new tooth, it should feel like on or your natural teeth in less than a week.  If your bite feels abnormal in any way, you should let us know.  Caring for your bridge or crown is just like caring for your own teeth.  You should brush and floss regularly.